A Higher Education Starts with a Higher Philosophy

Here at Bentonville Preparatory we believe in one guiding principal: positive growth by all means possible. We apply an array of educational tools ranging from traditional to extraordinary to create a safe and caring environment which places high value upon results, character, excellence, generosity and reflection.

Results, first and foremost. Every action and every decision is examined through this lens. Are we leading towards growth and success?

Good minds and good heartsinextricably linked. Character counts. We teach it and we model it. We maintain integrity in all matters and are genuine in all interactions. We treat our students, their families, the community and each other with honesty, kindness, and respect.

Excellence, always.  We strive for greatness; we go for boldness and brilliance no matter the task, how large or small. Though we may miss our mark, we will always aim high.  We hold ourselves accountable for our failures as well as our successes.

Generosity. We trust and support each other. When we give we do so generously. We do not give to receive but because it is a part of who we are.

Reflect and refine – every day. We are continuous questioners, always seeking to improve. Is it working? Is there a better way? We never rest.

Combining these values with optimism and determination, we are confident that we can achieve the goals we have for our students and our organization. We believe in persistence and daily effort and strive to be purposeful and strategic. Every day, we are inspired by our students, their potential, and our responsibility to them.