Our Campus

When students attend our unique campus, they are welcomed into a comfortable educational environment that place high priority on uniting traditional academics with current learning tactics. Our school offers small classes with a commitment to individualized learning.

Within our modern halls, quality instruction is delivered with a student-centered focus. Learning centers within each classroom are designed to capitalize on current interest and implement higher thinking. Those interests are then shared in the halls, classrooms, lounges, and outdoors.

Our campus also offers plenty of space for activities promoting physical growth. With two outdoor playgrounds designed with natural playscapes as well as an indoor gym, weather rarely affects our favorite playtime.

Bentonville Preparatory features a locked down campus with a singular entry point guarded with the Procare System ensuring only those with proper credentials enter the inner halls.

A Bentonville Preparatory education underscores the benefits and importance of small class sizes in early education. Our student-teacher ratio supports the full scope of learners, including infant and toddler development, elementary preparation, and gifted students.  Our classroom sizes are intended to be small enough to still allow for individual instruction but large enough to create a social community that can not only learn together but teach one another as well.

Our location is ideal for academics – a quiet neighborhood for scholarly pursuits, which is close to a great number of educational opportunities as well as a convenient location for Northwest Arkansas workplaces. This climate of learning allows our private school faculty to provide personalized attention for all students, inspiring them to reach for their potential.

Students and families attending Bentonville Preparatory will have all the resources to gain the knowledge they need to succeed.