From The Directors


Dear Prospective BPS Family,

It’s common knowledge that 90% of the child’s brain develops in the first five years of life. A number of important factors influence early brain development, including: daily experiences, parent responsiveness, nutrition, physical activity, genetics, and love… and these are the guiding forces at Bentonville Preparatory.

Being a mom, I understand the decision making process in choosing the right child care center for your child. Ultimately, they will spend more of their time out of the home than with their own family. This was a very alarming fact and I had a very hard time accepting it. Knowing this new statistic, I found nothing that met my needs or standards and ultimately I ended up staying home. After years of discussions with my friend and now business partner John, we decided that there were other families who felt the same way and thus, Bentonville Preparatory was born.

At Bentonville Preparatory, we will welcome each child and make them feel at home. We want to instill values that any parent would be proud to recognize in their child. We want to teach children how to communicate their emotions, be accepting of others and care about the world around them. We want to do this in a very nurturing way that prepares them for Kindergarten. We want nothing but the best for your child just like our own.

Another key component of Bentonville Preparatory is communication. We want to be an active part of our students’ families to ensure success. As a parent, you can expect progress reports, emails, texts and pictures. You will know at all times where your child stands academically as well as emotionally, and our teachers are the best you can find. We want you to feel just as involved in the learning process as if you were with us each day. We want you to feel very comfortable and relaxed and have peace of mind about your child attending Bentonville Preparatory.

We hope you set up an appointment to visit Bentonville Preparatory and see firsthand what we have to offer. It’s like no other in Northwest Arkansas. A higher education starts here.


Danae Ledbetter, M.Ed.
Executive Director

owlCongratulations on your discovery of The Bentonville Preparatory School! With almost a decade of experience and information gathered in early childhood education, paired with having a son of my own, I am promising a program that has been tailored to nurture the development of the individual.  To that end, I believe this school provides students and families with the flexibility and support to realize and achieve competitive academic goals. Bentonville Preparatory seeks a rich environment in which members of our student body can live and learn together in ways that protect both personal freedom and the standards at home.

Bentonville Preparatory students, parents, and faculty work together, each playing an active role in shaping the students’ education. Our classrooms provide an incomparable setting for individual growth and are alive with the exchange of knowledge. A Bentonville Preparatory education rewards its graduates with a broad awareness of the world around them and of their place within it; our school sets the stage for a lifetime of learning.

Enjoy your online visit, and think about coming to see us in person.  While our website is rich in information, there is no substitute for visiting our school, where you can witness firsthand the remarkable opportunities here.  Everyone at Bentonville Preparatory is looking forward to welcoming you.


John Nguyen, B.S.Ed.
Academic Director