At Bentonville Preparatory we do not believe in a “one size fits all” curriculum. With this at our core, we choose to create a dynamic learning program that is customized to each individual learner from infancy through pre-kindergarten. However, we do use a variety of established curricula. These programs are used in institutions across the nation and have proven to yield exceptional gains in all areas of childhood development. It is part of our mission to meld the most current methodology with traditional learning tactics that have proven to be successful across generations.

High Reach Learning

All High Reach Learning curriculum programs are based on the philosophy that children learn best through hands-on activities that address the needs of the whole child. In addition, each High Reach Learning curriculum reflects the belief that children need a balance of child-initiated and teacher-facilitated activities each day. Themes are used campus wide to introduce information and learning takes place as a child explores and manipulates real objects and events. This approach reflects the beliefs of Jean Piaget, Erik Erikson, Lev Vygotsky, David Ausubel, and Jerome Bruner, learning philosophers, researchers, and educators after whom we at Bentonville Preparatory model many of our teaching methods. This approach is grounded in sound child development theory and appropriate practices. High Reach Learning also reviews Arkansas state and national standards for early childhood education and takes these into account when planning curriculum, thus ensuring your child will not only meet the high goals set at home but those expected of the state and nation.

Bright Baby: Experiences for Infants

Baby’s first year is an exciting time with lots of exploration and discovery. Research shows experiences that involve sensory and motor investigations and engage infants in social interactions build brain connections. Using Bright Baby alongside the Bentonville Preparatory brand of education actively engages and stimulates infants through social interactions: talking, playing, moving, singing, reading, and signing. Activities are integrated across all domains of infant development – physical, emotional, social, and intellectual – and develop a wide variety of skills, including: language acquisition, sense of self, sensory awareness, gross motor skills, among other key skill areas.

Adventures in Learning

Adventures in Learning, a comprehensive curriculum for children from three to five, was developed through a grant from the Division of Child Care and Early Childhood Education.  The curriculum features 40 topics of study in nine focus areas.  Each topic is introduced with familiar children’s books and has a strong language and literacy emphasis.  Many of the resources available from the Division were included in the development of Adventures in Learning. While Adventures in Learning is a comprehensive curriculum, Bentonville Preparatory utilizes it as a supplement to our individualized learning programs.  The curriculum is flexible and allows teachers to choose from topics of study and to decide when to explore the topics with the children to best capture their current interest and maximize effective gains.

Other programs and strategies you may witness in our teaching programs: Project Approach (Emilia Reggio), Core Knowledge (The Preschool Sequence), and Creative Curriculum.