The Emergent classroom seeks to expand on the skills that have been acquired during the toddler years. Two to three year old children need the stimulation, learning models, and learning opportunities presented by interacting with several peers in order for optimum overall development to take place. These vehicles for the young child are observation, imitation, repetition, inquiry, and exploration. To provide good teacher/child contact, the Emergent class has a total of 12 to 15 children on a daily basis. This number is large enough to be stimulating, yet small enough for quality interaction for this age group. Children are exposed to experimental learning through play, thus learning to interact with others, develop language skills, recognize and solve problems and discover their human potential.

There is strong emphasis on play in the Emergent curriculum based on the proven link between play and healthy cognitive growth.  Play lays the foundation for later academic success in reading and writing, and also helps children develop abstract, scientific and mathematical concepts.  Play is also critical for the development of imagination and creative problem solving skills, and is related to increases in cooperation, empathy and impulse control, reduced aggression and better overall emotional and social health.

Bentonville Preparatory believes in this developmentally appropriate practice and seeks to challenge our students by giving purpose to their play. The skills learned here will help lay the foundation for the years of learning ahead.